Sunday, 1 May 2016

Kendwa Rocks - Full moon party

On our way to Kendwa, in the north of the island, two traffic cops pulled us over to extort us. Listened to their bullshit, paid 40 tsd shilling and drove on. Corruption is a problem, and karma is a bitch. So I am more worried about those two durses than money.

Kendwa Rocks has a full moon party every month on the Saturday closest to full moon.

We rock up there and meet all the crazy dudes that stay with us in the dorm. The resort is situated directly at the beach with hammocks, great kitchen, a spa and sweet music. The people are nuts and like to party. Love it. Watching the sunset is a real treat and the colors of the ocean are to die for.

The full moon party is a blast, with lots of live music and performance acts. I eventually pass out in the hammock around 2. The party is going on till the early morning hours. The next morning we are having a proper breakfast and drinks are back on the table. So we gonna stay another night. And, as it turns out, another one.

That place sucks you in. Time keeps flying.

In between talking and dancing I dip into the insanely warm water and take a lot of beautiful pictures.

The thing that makes this place next to the incredible location are the people. We chill on the back porch of the dorm with mattresses till the sun comes up.

Talking kak and listening to music we put on taking turns. Always good to hear new stuff.

Carl lived in Germany and had a band there called Bodea.

He has a really nice voice and the sharpest brain.

On monday it is finally time to say goodbye and we head back to Kiwengwa.

New people have arrived at the lodge. Some of them volunteers that are gonna build a school in Kiwengwa, the Kiwengwa Nursery & Primary School (KINS).

Chef cooks us another great dinner and after two bottles of Conyagi, the local Gin, I sleep like a baby.

The next morning I drive through to Stone Town, where I will be staying for two nights.

A police officer tries to extort me again. Apparently smoking in the car 'is a problem in this country, because of the petrol in the car'. I have had it and tell the dude straight in the face that I have absolutely no money to give to him. He realizes that I know what he is trying to pull off and let's me go.

I love driving on this island. Through all these little villages connected by long stretches of forest, palm trees and people walking up and down the roads in all their colorful clothes. Little schoolgirls jumping hand in hand and chicken crossing the roads and goats and cows walking around freely. Everything is so green and the air smells like I imagine the rain forest must smell.

I listen to some Madonna and am excited to find my way through that busy city soon.

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